For most people, having hair in areas of the body, including armpits, chest, and private parts, is not attractive. This is why they shave relentlessly when hair starts to grow back. Unfortunately, this habit is not recommended because of some health reasons, which include the following:

1. With body hair, your skin can heal so much better.

A professor from the University of Bradford called Des Tobin approves not shaving body hair. The biggest reason for his is because the hair follicles have stem cells. These cells are essential in the healing process of wounds and other skin problems. Stem cells, according to some studies, have the ability to stimulate growth of the tissues. For instance, you have a wound; the tissue here will be replaced by scar tissue characterized by disorganized structure of collagen and loss of hair follicles among others. Stem cells are now used as a method for tissue regeneration, which means they are effective in causing the skin to heal much quicker than normal.

2. Armpit hair is actually appealing to a potential partner.

This may seem strange for you, but hair in your armpits is actually there for a reason – to attract other people. This is possible because armpit hair collects odors that other people will find appealing. According to Des Tobin, the hair under your arms can spread a chemical that is known as pheromones, which can change the reaction of another animal (in this case a potential partner) when smelled. The scent is normally released when a person is open to sexual contact or is aroused sexually.

3. Don’t remove hair on your toes since they are signals of blood circulation condition.

The hair on your toes may not be something you are proud of. This is why many people choose to remove them to make themselves comfortable when they are wearing open-toed shoes. However, before you try to get rid of them next time, bear this in mind: the hair on your toes actually indicate there’s healthy blood circulation.

Got hair? Don't worry you can still be fair / PicHelp
Got hair? Don’t worry you can still be fair / PicHelp

4. They keep the skin healthy.

Notice that when you regularly shave, particularly on your armpits and legs, they become red and bumpy. When you shave too much, they would even hurt whenever you touch them. Even the subtlest scraping of the razor blades – when done regularly – can further chafe your skin. Stop shaving as this could lead to wounds and even skin infections.

Next time you grab a razor, think twice. Body hair is there for some reasons and those reasons are not bad at all.