Does your breakfast always consist of a bowl of cereal? If yes, you just may have a chance to prolong your life – provided that your choice of cereal is high in fiber. Scientists at the Harvard School of Public Health discovered that cereal fiber indeed has several benefits for the body. Reportedly, they found that those who enjoy a bowl of cereal every morning have 19% lower risk of dying prematurely than those who don’t eat enough cereal fiber.

How to Choose the Right Cereal

There are several products in the market these days, which makes it difficult to choose. However, if you go for ones that are too tasty and sweet, you are actually getting more sugar from them and not the fiber you need. Avoid them as much as possible. Instead, look at the label and make sure it is high in fiber.

So, how many bowls per day do you really need? To get the benefits that the researchers have discovered about cereal eating, you should consume at least 10.22 grams of fiber from cereal every day based on a 1,000 kcal diet. However, you can still get enough with just one bowl. Just make sure that the product you have bought comes with at least 10 grams of fiber for every serving.

What If You Can’t Stand High-Fiber Cereals?

If you are not a fan of the taste of cereals that are high in fiber, you actually have a lot of options. You can go for popular cereals, including Cheerios, which is a favorite name in the cereal department. Another is oatmeal, which is also rich in fiber. Other choices include whole wheat tortilla, wheat bread, black beans, and fruits, such as apples and blackberries.

Loving your cereal means loving your health and life / PicHelp
Loving your cereal means loving your health and life / PicHelp

Eating while grains regularly can give you the dietary fiber your body needs. You can reduce your death risk, giving you a longer and healthier life. In fact, the scientists have discovered that meeting the amount mentioned above can help you avoid obesity, inflammation, and even cancer.

A Few Things to Note

Even though the study did confirm the benefits of fiber to your health, you should also consider the fact that there are several other factors that contribute to your risk of chronic diseases or early death. These include physical inactivity, unhealthy BMI, and excessive alcohol consumption and smoking.

If you go for breakfast sandwiches, bars, or yogurt, perhaps it is time to rethink your options. Go for whole grains that are high in fiber to not only help you have the energy you need, but also keep you full and enjoy a longer life.