We’ve been warned about how alcohol negatively affects our minds and bodies. It can lead to early deaths due to liver disease and even accidents. But a study says that alcoholic drinkers live longer than those who don’t, so abstaining from the beverage can actually cut your life short. How is this so?

According to the study led by Charles Holahan, a psychologist from the University of Texas (Austin) whose research was published in the Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research journal, 69% of abstainers died after 20 years – despite their lifestyle.

The study, which lasted for 20 years, surveyed almost 2000 people who were 55 to 65 years old. Three types of people were involved in the study:

  1. Drinkers who drank heavily
  2. Drinkers who drank moderately
  3. Those who abstain from drinking

Based on the results, 69% of those who no longer drank alcohol died after 20 years. On the other hand, those who 60% of the heavy drinkers died, while 41% of moderate drinkers followed. Some of the abstainers who died lived a healthy lifestyle.

There were also some who were recovering alcoholics and some with many friends. Regardless of the life they chose, they died younger than those who drank alcohol.

Old Man Drinking AlcoholWhy Is This So?

The study has discovered that the secret was not in their lifestyle, but on their peace of mind. Those who drank were more at peace with their life than people in the study who didn’t drink. There are a few number of reasons why heavy and moderate drinkers have a happy and healthy life, including:

  • Financially Stable: Since alcohol is expensive, those who choose not to drink may have smaller income than those who drink. Being financially stable usually means worry-free existence.
  • Socially Active: Regular drinkers, whether moderate or heavy, tend to be in good company. They can use their friends to express themselves and find some people who are willing to listen to their problems with some offering them solutions to life issues.
  • Relaxing Feeling: Alcohol can help a drinker to feel more relaxed. Drinking can help you forget about some petty problems and may even reawaken eagerness for what’s to come.

These points alone can show the big difference the mental state between non-drinkers and alcohol drinkers, proving the study correct. Plus, there are some reports about how abstainers are more likely to develop depression than those who drink alcohol on a regular basis. But this study does not encourage binging on alcohol, as this drink is still deemed unhealthy and may even cause death.