You have heard about people who live to a hundred or even more. They are extremely healthy and they follow some rules that can help them increase their lifespan. But even if you are not a truly healthy person and you don’t exercise regularly, there are actually signs that can help you live longer. Here are ways on how you can last longer than your peers:

1. Get a job.

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If you have been laid off or currently unemployed, seek a job right now. Studies show you have at least 15% of dying within the next 20 years if you stay without work. Being unemployed can be stressful; also, it contributes to poverty and loss of health insurance.

2. Get married.

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Here’s one more reason why you should get married: you can live longer. On average, those who get married have an increased 15% life expectancy than those who choose to live alone. Researchers say the longer life span is due to:

  • Companionship
  • Support
  • Lower stress levels

Having sex regularly also slows down the process of aging in women, while men grow longer because their wives encourage them to stay healthy.

3. Get the right amount of sleep.

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Getting enough sleep is essential, not only for living longer, but also for other health concerns, such as fighting stroke and high blood pressure. However, this does not mean, you should sleep a lot at night. In fact, those who sleep less live longer than those who sleep for extra hours. It is recommended that you get seven hours of sleep every night and not more than eight hours or else, you will face 15% higher mortality rate. Also, avoid sleeping fewer than four hours as this can also promote premature death.

4. Become slimmer.

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If you’re obese or overweight, it is time for you to trim that waistline. It is not only pleasing to look at, but having slimmer waist can add years to your life. Men should not have more than 40 inches of waistline, while women should keep it 35 inches and below. Otherwise, you could face 25% higher death rate. Pear-shaped bodies are more preferred than women and men who are apple-shaped. If your body looks like an apple, you’re storing fat in your belly, which could associate you to deadly diseases, including heart disease and diabetes.

While most of the ways to live longer are linked to being healthy, there are techniques that can help you increase your lifespan without being too overly conscious with your health, such as being educated, being a woman, being a social butterfly, and having a child when you are older.