6 Houseplants that Can Help You Sleep Better at Night

6 Houseplants that Can Help You Sleep Better at Night

Plants are normally used to beautify the yard, but many people don’t know that they not only add color and life to a certain spot in the house. In fact, plants have many benefits, including filtering the air.

But did you know that plants, especially when you place them in your bedroom, can improve your mood and can help you relax? To let you sleep peacefully at night, add these houseplants in your room:

1. Jasmine

According to a study conducted by the Wheeling Jesuit University, jasmine is truly capable of enhancing sleep, while improving mood and decreasing anxiety. It does so by upping the quality of sleep with the help of its smell.

2. Lavender

This plant has one of the most loved fragrances in the world, especially for those who want to relax. This is why lavender is used in aromatherapy. Having lavender in your bedroom can help you sleep better at night and have reduced anxiety levels.

3. Aloe Vera

Mostly placed in the yard, aloe vera can also be in your bedroom. In fact, this so-called “Plant of Immortality” emits oxygen at night, which can be useful as your natural air freshener. You will also like how aloe vera does not require a lot of attention from you.

4. Snake Plant

This plant, also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, can clear the air in your house. Putting this in your bedroom can help filter the air and just like aloe vera, this also emits oxygen at night. If you have this in your bedroom, this can help prevent eye irritations and can also keep your respiratory system healthy.

Indoor Plants Room Sleep Better5. Valerian

A perennial flowering plant, valerian has pink (sometimes white) flowers that smell sweetly and bloom in the summer. The flowers are actually used as a perfume ingredient, particularly in the 16th Meanwhile, the root of the plant is used for making tincture and teas. Inhaling the scent of this plant can calm your nerves and help you enjoy a good quality sleep.

6. English Ivy

This plant is used by NASA to purify the air. Good for busy people, English Ivy does not require much attention and only needs a little bit of sun exposure. This can help purify the air in your bedroom; what’s more, science has proven that this can relieve you from symptoms of asthma and allergies.

If you have been having trouble sleeping, add any of these plants to your bedroom. They are your solutions for sleep deprivation without taking any pills.