Here’s a list of whole new reasons to do that favorite thing of yours.

There’s a classic song called Sexual Healing and it is not just a metaphor because sex can really heal people. This act can heal the body and mind by preventing some diseases. Plus, it actually makes you happier and more creative. With all these benefits, there is absolutely no reason why you and your partner shouldn’t spend a lot of time in the bedroom.

Sex is for Happiness

Having sex daily can make people ecstatic, not just for the short term but for the long term as well. This is because having sex every day promotes positive side effects to the mental health. As a result, you become more confident and feel more attractive and alive. This also decreases anxiety and stress, which of course makes you a happier human being.

Sex is for Fighting Aging

Since you are happy and you are able to de-stress regularly, it is no wonder that making love every day or at least three times a week can make you look younger. Sex can fight aging based on the findings of David Weeks, a neuropsychologist at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital.

Sex is for Physical Health

Even if you don’t go to the gym regularly, but you have sex daily, you will get the physical benefits of sex, which are almost equivalent to working out at the gym. There are so many benefits of having sex that you shouldn’t deny yourself with such exhilarating activity. Among the physical health benefits include lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and even a much better functioning immune system. There are even studies that suggest having sex can prevent cancer and kill cells that form the disease. What’s more, this can help you lose weight. Whenever you have sex, your respiratory rate rises and this can lead you to being tired. This means that you burned calories.

Sex is for the Brain

There are great reasons to make love more / PicHelp
There are great reasons to make love more / PicHelp

Not only does sex exercise the body, but also the mind. There have been numerous studies that show that artists who have more sex are much more successful than those who don’t have enough alone time with their partners. Making love is an art, so people naturally become more imaginative, creative, and inventive.

Some say that sex is the first kind of medicine that man discovered. This could be true because it is like a miracle drug that can help cure almost all kinds of ailments. You are not only healthy, but you also feel good and satisfied after a session of good, steamy sex.