McDonald’s the most popular fast food chain in the world and arguably among the largest contributors to worsening obesity problem decided to slim down its menu starting next year.

The fast-food chain reportedly endured tanking profits recently not because of bad press or the negative perception on their products but for “menus far too large to understand.”

McDonalds Fat Kid

So if you’re hoping that McDonald’s meals will be a lot healthier anytime soon, this is not that story.

“Our intent is to have a cleaner menu board that is easier for customers to absorb,” spokeswoman Lisa McComb told HuffPo.

Moreover, McDonald’s will be slimming down to “one Quarter Pounder with Cheese burger vs. four; one Premium Chicken sandwich vs. three; one Snack Wrap vs. three.” Extra Value Meals will also be reduced from 16 to 11 offerings.

The company is already testing the toned down version of their menu in a few areas namely Delaware, Little Rock, Waco, Bakersfield, Macon and Knoxville. It is not yet clear if this change will affect all McDonald’s branches in US or in the entire world.

The preservatives present in some McDonald’s products MIGHT be eliminated from the menu altogether according to reports. President of McDonald’s USA Mike Andres made a intriguing statement when he asked the company’s investors this: “Why do we need to have preservatives in our food?” and then answered himself with a “We probably don’t.”

What should McDonald’s really do with their menu? Will these make your perception of fast-food better? Say it in the comments.