A man named John Cisna documented his experience eating McDonald’s only for six whole months. Cisna is a biology teacher from Iowa who says that he has lost 56 pounds, along with 21 inches off from his hips, chest, and waist.

The secret behind this is that he stuck to a 2,000 calorie diet every day, which was met by the fast food chain.According to John, he also became healthier as his BMI, which was 38 is now down to 30. Also, his total cholesterol, which was 249 dropped to 190.

Teacher Lost 56 Pounds Eating Nothing but This Fast Food for 6 Months -1

The McDonald’s Experiment

As John decided that he would embark on the McDonald’s experiment, he asked for help from his students who planned out their teacher’s meals.

They used the McDonald’s nutritional information online to meet the dietary restrictions John had set.John also approached McDonald’s in the area about the experiment and luckily for him, the manager got very curious about it. As a result, he allowed John to eat at the fast food without paying for anything.

The Results

According to John, he became healthier, thanks to the unconventional diet. He lost a total of 56 pounds in six months and his cholesterol levels also dropped. He admitted that nutritionists were concerned about the salt content of the foods he ate, but after the physical exams, there was nothing to worry about at all as his blood pressure and sodium levels were normal. Even though he ate at only one fast food restaurant, he did not get bored of his meals. Nevertheless, he looked forward to the end of the experiment to eat seafood.

Teacher Lost 56 Pounds Eating Nothing but This Fast Food for 6 Months

Why It’s Actually a Bad Idea to Eat at Fast Food Restaurants Every Day

While John did claim his McDonald’s diet made him healthier, it is not something other people should imitate. This type of diet, no matter which fast food chain you choose to eat from, has several negative effects to the body and overall health, including:

  • Because of too much calories, fast food eating can lead to
  • Fast foods contain high amounts of sodium, which can contribute to increased blood pressure.
  • Foods from McDonalds and other similar restaurants often have high sugar and saturated fats, which can contribute to the development of heart diseases.
  • Extra sugar in the body, along with obesity and other insulin resistance related conditions, can lead to diabetes.

Fast foods are indeed tasty and they can even fuel food addiction. However, anything consumed in excess can be bad for the body, which can result to long-term health issues.