Evil Hamburger
An artist’s depiction of the Evil Hambuger / PicHelp

If you’re like most people, then you probably love fast food too. While many are encouraged to eat healthy, fast food restaurants are so enticing that it’s hard to say no to them. Unfortunately, obesity is a known side effect of eating too much fast food. While fast food restaurants are profiting, there are some unhealthy stuff going on in your body, which is why it is time for you to stop patronizing these restaurants.


As mentioned, obesity is quite a common problem to those who choose to eat at fast food chains. They indulge in high calorie diet and unhealthy fats, so they get empty energy instead. The extra calories pack on their waist line, hips, and thighs, making these people so much bigger. The worst part here is that it is not easy to let go of junk food, so they find it very difficult to lose weight.

Long-Term Weight Gain

Potato chips, soda, red meat, and French fries are considered the top culprits when it comes to weight gain. Add the fact that many people tend to have a sedentary lifestyle where they watch TV for at least three hours every day. Also, they don’t exercise and sleep, which are all linked to relentless fat accumulation.

According to a research where there were over 120,000 men and women involved – all of them were not obese – these people gained at least three pounds within four years. This totaled to 16 pounds for 20 years and this result can be blamed for them eating at fast food chains habitually. As it happens, obesity is indeed an epidemic that is difficult to control. What’s more, eating unhealthy, fattening foods at these restaurants can cause consistent weight gain.

More Problems with Fast Food

Aside from obesity, there are more reasons why you should avoid eating at fast food restaurants as much as possible. These include the following reasons:

  • Increased Sugar Levels: Many foods offered at fast food chains come with artificial sweeteners.
  • Prepared Improperly: You get your meal within just a few minutes and your hungry stomach may thank you for that. However, are you really sure the food you put in your mouth is cooked properly?
  • More Sodium: Junk food from fast food restaurants contains a lot of salt. You may find this tasty, but too much sodium can definitely harm your body and your overall wellbeing.

You may be a huge fan of preparing meals at home because it does take some time and effort. However, think about long term weight gain and other bad effects of fast food. Surely, you will choose healthy living over fast food that can cause you to die early.