Although water is still the best fluid you can ever drink, you can substitute or alternate it with lemon, lime, calamondin, or orange water and enjoy so many great benefits:

1. Create delicious detox water.

Forget about soda and vitamin water. You can create awesome and delicious detox water. It’s easy to make and, most of all, perfect for all types of weather, especially in the summer.

In a pitcher, combine some slices of lemon, lime, calamondin, or orange and cucumber, then sprinkle with chopped mint leaves. Lemon, lime, calamondin, or orange can act as a natural detoxifier, stimulating your colon so it eliminates wastes and improves bowel movement. It also raises your body’s alkalinity so you don’t go into acidosis and become at risk of chronic inflammation. Cucumber, meanwhile, leaves you rehydrated without making you feel bloated. It also has anti-inflammatory compounds. Mint gives more flavor to your water without adding sugars and improves digestion.

You can make this in batches and drink the entire day!

Lemon water: do you want it hot or cold? / PicHelp
Lemon water: do you want it hot or cold? / PicHelp

2. Enrich your body with more vitamins and minerals.

These fruits are very rich in vitamin C. They can be taken during the first signs and symptoms of cough, colds, and flu and skip medications entirely. Another way is to combine medications with a glass of warm water with lemon to speed up your healing. If you have problems with your nerves or your prone to cramps, squeeze any of the fruits on water and drink it at least once or twice a day. The potassium in the fruit can improve blood circulation.

3. Increase secretion of bile.

Bile is a complex organic fluid that is secreted by the liver. It regulates the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins by the gut then by the bloodstream. The bloodstream then delivers these vitamins to your various cells in the body. It also controls your level of cholesterol and helps eliminate waste products.

4. Take advantage of their anti-microbial properties.

Every day you’re faced with thousands of bacteria. In fact, your body is composed of millions of them, all living in harmony to help fight “invaders.” However, sometimes bad bacteria outnumber the good, and thus, sickness happens. Lemon, lime, calamondin, or orange has antibacterial properties that can prevent the aggressive reproduction of these bacteria.