You may have noticed that your married friends are having some changes in their weight. This is because marriage does affect waist lines, at least according to a study. However, there is a difference on when the pounds begin to pile up. For women, they gain more weight after they get married. On the other hand, men have expanded waist lines once they divorce with their ex-wives.

The study shows just how weight can be affected by marital relations. However, the transition, particularly in weight, differs by gender. A team of doctoral students at the Ohio State University looked at how marriage or divorce can affect a person’s weight. They later find out that there are indeed some alterations based on the 10,000 plus people they surveyed in the United States. The study began in 1986 and ended in 2008. They compiled the report and they discovered that weight gain is indeed apparent on both genders after transitioning to a married life.

Married Women and Divorced Men

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The study first learned that weight gain does happen after two years of getting married. While others may not see this take place, it is still concluded that both men and women, whether they are divorced or married, have higher chances of gaining weight than those who are still single. The additional number on the weighing scale is negligible though, so it is not a huge problem and may not cause serious health issues.

However, the problem begins when men get divorced and women get married. For men, the benefits of marriage fade away as soon as their ex-wife leaves them or asks for a divorce. On the other hand, women experience weight gain when they get married. Both changes in weight can pose a health risk. Unfortunately, the study did not mention the reason why weight gain seems inevitable at the mentioned phases of life. Additionally, there was also no indication what happens next after the two-year period, which was the only periods examined by the research.

Nevertheless, the co-author of the study, Zhenchao Qian, who is also a professor in sociology, theorized that weight gain in women may be due to them having a larger role in the house. This is why they find it hard to provide time to exercise and be physically fit. Meanwhile, married men gain weight after divorce because they lose some health benefits when the marriage is over.

The study also concluded that people who are more than 30 years old are most likely to experience weight gain whether they are still married or going through divorce. The risk becomes higher as they grow older.