There are almost 30 million Americans who suffer from migraines. Some migraine triggers are quite obvious, but there are some that you don’t even know you should avoid. According to a neurologist, Athena Kostidis, MD, there are people who have hyperactive brains and they are the ones who get most affected by headaches and migraines.

If you keep having migraines, there is probably something that causes it and it could be one of these:

  1. Weather: Believe it or not, weather can give you headaches, especially if the barometric pressure drops. Sometimes high humidity or high temperatures can trigger migraines. You can’t change the weather, but you can plan accordingly as soon as you realize the pattern.
  1. Alcohol: Some people can tolerate tons of alcohol in their system, but others get migraines, especially with specific alcoholic drinks, such as red wine, bourbon, whiskey, dark beer, and other dark drinks. Always drink in moderation or avoid alcohol as much as possible. 
  1. Oversleeping: Not getting enough sleep is a common migraine trigger, but did you know oversleeping can also cause headaches? Make sure that you stick to a sleep schedule no matter what day of the week it is.
  1. Bright Lights: If you are sensitive to light, you will notice that you get migraines. Stay away from bright lights, flashing lights, and fluorescent lights, especially if you already have a headache. When going out, it helps to wear sunglasses to avoid sudden migraines.

    Avoid migraines, don't let your mind be blown in a bad way / PicHelp / YouTube: jacksfilms
    Avoid migraines, don’t let your mind be blown in a bad way / PicHelp / YouTube: jacksfilms
  1. Caffeine Withdrawal: People react differently to caffeine. For some people, they need to drink coffee to keep their migraines at bay. Others get headaches when they drink coffee, particularly if it’s more than two cups. This can be problematic for people who crave for caffeine to get themselves going. Meanwhile, there are people who, after drinking coffee, get a headache and this is due to caffeine withdrawal. The trick is to drink coffee one hour later than you normally consume the beverage.
  1. Not Enough Magnesium: Magnesium deficiency can cause both physical and emotional stress. This mineral can trigger headaches if your body does not have enough of it. It always helps if you take supplements that provide you with the recommended daily intake of magnesium or you eat foods that are rich in the mineral, such as dark leafy greens, nuts and seeds, and fish.

Contrary to popular belief, stress will not give you headaches and migraines. In fact, being free from stress after a long week of work can cause the pain. This is why many people get migraines during the weekend. Keeping a migraine journal will help you keep track of the times you get these migraines and you will eventually figure out what truly causes these attacks.