What you consume each day can affect your chances of acquiring the dreaded disease, breast cancer. Playing smart on the food you eat can help you avoid this illness, which is the most common cancer of women in America.

Weight Gain and Breast Cancer

Food Breast Cancer
There is a strong link between weight gain and breast cancer / PicHelp

Becoming overweight does not only cause diabetes and heart disease, but also breast cancer, especially for post-menopausal women. They belong to the group of women who are most susceptible to the disease and when they keep gaining weight, their chances of getting breast cancer becomes higher.

While there is still no evidence that losing weight can help reduce the risk of breast cancer, there is one study that showed there is indeed a connection between the two. The study focused on low fat diet, consisting of vegetables. The participants eventually lost some weight and their breast cancer recurrence reduced at the same time. The researchers though did not discover whether it was because of the diet or the actual weight loss.

What You Eat and Breast Cancer Risk

Nutritionists believe that eating soy products can help you become healthier. They have high protein content without too much fat. Soy products are great for those on a diet. Unfortunately, they don’t belong to the food category that can reduce breast cancer occurrence. This does not mean though that you should stop eating tofu and other soy foods. In fact, they are still highly recommended because they have antioxidants and phytochemicals that can benefit your health.

It is important to remember though that soy has estrogen. Although it is in very weak amounts, you shouldn’t eat too much soy – up to three servings a day can still be considered safe. You may think that this amount is actually huge, but you should reflect on it this way: soy drink for breakfast, miso soup during lunchtime, and tofu for supper.

Alcohol is also controversial when it comes to breast cancer risk. Consuming alcohol, even at moderate amounts, can increase the potential of getting breast cancer. This applies to women who have low folate levels in the body. Folate is a water-soluble vitamin under the vitamin B group, which you can find in leafy green veggies. The American Cancer Society recommends that women should not consume more than one glass of alcohol each day. However, there are some experts who say even two drinks of alcohol each week can increase breast cancer risk.