Whether you’re short or tall, you’ve probably been called different names because of your height. But what you may not know is your height could be a serious indicator of your risk for diseases. How tall or short you are could determine if you’re prone to cancer or heart disease and can even tell you how attractive you are and your future capacity to earn money.

Your Height and Health Surprising Risks to Cancer, Heart Disease, Etc -1

Here are interesting tidbits about the link between your height and your health:

  • Being tall is good for the heart. Those who are short may have a higher risk of acquiring heart disease based on a study published in the European Heart Journal. According to the research, short adults (below 5’3) could experience cardiovascular disease and could probably die because of it.
  • Being tall makes it easier to get pregnant and deliver the baby. Gestational diabetes occurs more in women who are less than 5’6 in height, especially those who are 5’2 and below. There is no specific reason behind this, but it is speculated that genes have a role to play in glucose tolerance.
  • Being short can save you against cancer. There are certain cancers that are strongly related to height, especially melanoma, thyroid, breast, colon, kidney, and rectum. This is according to a senior epidemiologist working at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in NYC. Studies have shown that those who are 5’2 have lower risk of getting cancers compared to those who are 5’10.
  • Being short saves you from blood clot problems. People who are 5’2 and below with normal weight can be protected against blood clotting issues three times more than those who are taller. The most probable reason for this is that taller people require longer distance for the blood to travel, leading to increased stroke risk and reduced blood flow.
  • Being short could be the key to a healthier you. You could live up to 90 years old or even more if you’re short. Scientists at Albert Einstein College of Medicine discovered that longevity and height are correlated. A gene mutation hinders the growth of insulin in shorter people, allowing them to extend their life span.

Your Height and Health Surprising Risks to Cancer, Heart Disease, Etc

There are indeed health advantages on both short and tall people. However, this does not mean that you will rely entirely on your height. Having a healthy lifestyle is still the key to living a long and enjoyable life.