Eyelash extensions are now quite popular in which an individual goes through a beauty procedure that involves the use of synthetic lashes. These fake lashes will be attached to the real ones to give the wearer a much fuller look. Many celebrities and even regular women want to undergo this process to enhance their appearance. Unfortunately, medical experts have started warning people that eyelash extensions are not safe. In fact, you expose yourself to a lot of health risks when you go through the procedure.

Health Dangers of Using Eyelash Extensions -1

According to medical experts, the adhesives used by salons in the fake lashes are the biggest concern. These adhesives can cause some problems, including:

  • Allergic reaction
  • Infection
  • Falling out of natural lashes

There are many beauty salons that use adhesives with formaldehyde, which is a chemical that some people are allergic to.

Your Eye is Fragile

Your eye, particularly the cornea, is quite delicate. When you expose it to any chemical, it is susceptible to irritations, infections, and even scarring. When this happens, this could be harmful for your eyes. As mentioned, there are salons that use formaldehyde. Whether or not you are allergic to this formula, you could still suffer from an infection called madarosis. When you have madarosis, your lashes (sometimes eyebrows, too) fall out.

Even if there is no formaldehyde, there is glue present in the procedure. The glue can cause irritation for some women, so they tend to tug or rub their lashes. Obviously, this can cause irritation and sometimes, infection.

Health Dangers of Using Eyelash Extensions -2

More Warnings from Experts

Aside from the mentioned maladies, there are other problems related to eyelash extension procedures, which include:

  • More Bacteria: The fake lashes can trap bacteria even though you clean them regularly. They are more vulnerable to dirt than natural lashes.
  • High Risk of Infection: Because there are bacteria and dirt in the lashes, this heightens the risk of acquiring infection. What’s more, they can become itchy and you could absent-mindedly rub your eyes, causing the infection to spread.
  • Loss of Eyelashes: So you temporarily added some lashes to your natural ones. But for how long? The procedure can unfortunately lead to permanent loss of your natural lashes.
  • Traction Alopecia: If you don’t stop using eyelash extensions, you are increasing your risk to developing traction alopecia. This is a condition in which your natural hair, specifically your lashes, falls out because of too much tension placed on the shaft of the hair.
  • Damaged Hair Follicle: With the excessive tension on your hair shaft, the hair follicles can end up damaged, which will eventually slow down and halt hair production.

While properly applied extensions for your eyelashes by a licensed professional are not that dangerous, the mentioned risks above heavily outweigh the beauty benefits of this procedure.