An addiction happens when you are being controlled by the thing you are addicted to. It has the power to interfere with your relationships, activities, and work. You don’t have to look around to see people checking their smartphones compulsively, because you could be one of them. Admitting you are addicted to your phone is not that hard. In fact, many cell phone addicts easily confess how much they are attached to their devices.

The statistics concerning average mobile phone users can be shocking:

• A user normally checks his or her device at least 150 times day.

• 70% of the users check their phones the moment they get up and more than 50% of them check their phones before going to sleep.

• 44% of the users would become very anxious and stressed if they lose their phone and will not be able to get a replacement within seven days.

Using Phone to Improve a Negative Mood

Based on the research conducted by the Baylor University, many users check their phones every now and then to help them get through the day. Often, they are having a bad day and they seek the comforts provided by their phones to improve their mood. According to the study, which was published in the Personality and Individual Differences journal, phone addiction has a negative effect on an individual’s personality.

Happy with your phone? It could be putting you in a bad mood and more / PicHelp
Happy with your phone? It could be putting you in a bad mood and more / PicHelp

The research emphasized that it is possible to become emotionally unstable if a person is excessively using his or her smartphone. This particular study focused on 346 college students who were provided an online survey, which measured their device use. Along with this, their personality traits were charted as well.
Smartphone Addiction Results

The data showed those who used their phones more than the others are very moody, materialistic, and tend to have temperamental behavior. Addiction caused the respondents to have difficult in concentrating on their current task. According to the researchers, the inability to focus is often associated with being unhappy. It is also not surprising that most of the persons who are addicted to their phones are those who are impulsive. What’s astonishing though is that despite the common belief that introverts were most likely to sit in a corner and fiddle with their phones, they were the ones who were not linked to smartphone addiction.

When you are constantly checking your phone to see if you have a new email, text, tweet, or any new notification, you are indeed a smartphone addict. This could cause you to become emotionally unstable as you try to distract yourself from anything that could be worrisome during that day.