Having crooked teeth is not only upsetting, but also lowers self-confidence. In a world where a straight set of teeth can add appeal to a person, it is no wonder that many people who have misaligned teeth seek for ways to treat their condition.

The Video

The video entitled, “Straight teeth in under 60 seconds” posted by Ernest McCallum in 2009 features an 11 year old girl who had crooked teeth. With braces put on, the time-lapse video showed her teeth slowly aligning, so they appear just how teeth should be. The treatment was of course not complete in just 60 seconds. In truth, it took her 18 months to achieve a beautiful smile.

The goal of the video though is to show that braces are effective in changing the way your teeth are aligned. The change is indeed dramatic and straight teeth can be achieved through orthodontics. It is a cheap method that involves metal, plastic, or ceramic for the teeth appliances. In the video, metal brackets are used to place gentle yet constant force on each tooth, so that they will move to a controlled direction.

Braces can remain part of the treatment for at least 12 months. The duration will depend on how quickly the teeth move as well as with the severity of the case. While it takes one year or even more, having a beautiful smile is definitely worth the wait.