In today’s world where smartphones and tablets dominate almost any scene, many people are addicted to their devices.

Signs of addiction include:

  • Checking devices way too often
  • Feeling stressed when you can’t hold your phone
  • Imagining your phone is vibrating in your pocket

The Internet has a huge role in this addiction. In fact, easy access to the Internet is the reason why people are glued to their phones and tablets. You constantly have the urge to check your social media accounts that you keep your head down and your eyes to your phone even while walking or working. Indeed, your Internet habits can affect not only your job, but also your relationships.

How the Internet Affects Your Brain and Life

Science has proven how you use the Internet can change your performance at work and even at home:

Welcome to the Internet, don't let it change you. But that's not possible is it? / PicHelp
Welcome to the Internet, don’t let it change you. But that’s not possible is it? / PicHelp
  1. Work: The Internet has a direct impact on productivity. Employers are aware of this, which is why they usually block Facebook and other social media sites on the computers of their employees. These websites can easily distract a person and become unfocused at work, especially if he/she is a social media addict. A survey conducted by the Hearst Communications revealed that social sites can lower 1.5% of a person’s productivity. Even without the survey, it is known that people cannot finish their work because they are checking their social media accounts.
  1. Sex: Research says one out of 10 websites contains pornographic material. These days, people are more open about sex and their sexuality. Your Internet behavior though can affect your sex life in many ways, especially if it has become a habit to watch porn. It is a fact that this can lead to physical addiction, marital disputes, and even decreased sexual performance.
  1. Family: Some Internet addicts stay in their room or have their gadgets in their hands that they don’t spend enough time with their family. While some parents of children and teenagers try to actively control Internet use, young people always tend to find a way. Unfortunately, this can cause problems at home.

MRI research showed that Internet users’ brains cannot control the urge to constantly use their gadgets – the same way alcoholics can’t stop their cravings for alcohol. Typically, those who are addicted to the Internet are gamers as they spend several hours playing. While the Internet does provide numerous benefits to our daily lives, our habits can affect our lives and even cause stress. Maintaining control and being a responsible user is always the key to avoiding problems, whether it is at work or at home.