In order for a phone to be sold in the United States and obtain the FCC certification, it should have its Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) at less than 1.6 watts for every kilogram of its weight.

While it has not been proven yet whether or not cell phone radiation is bad for our health, there are some theories and expert opinions that claim this can be dangerous. Some researchers say that radiation from phones increase the risk of cancer; but there are others that say this is not true. Nevertheless, here are the phones with the highest levels of radiation being emitted:

1. Motorola Droid Maxx (SAR: 1.54)

This phone may not be cheap, but has long battery life. Its colorful screen comes with a durable design for an overall attractive phone. However, as this phone performs well with a number of features, it does give you a ton of radiation, which can affect your health.

2. Motorola Droid Ultra (SAR: 1.54)

This phone is quite thin with a large screen that allows you to take and look at pictures with comfort. It also has a long battery life with interesting features, such as voice command and smart notifications. However, aside from the fact that it does not have an SD card slot and it feels a bit slippery while holding it, Droid Ultra has high radiation levels that may not be good for you.

Ditch that phone if it's included on our list / PicHelp
Ditch that phone if it’s included on our list / PicHelp

3. Motorola Moto E (SAR: 1.5)

A really cheap mobile phone that even lets you use Kitkat software, this phone can handle almost everything other expensive phones can. Unfortunately, the camera and battery life are not very impressive. Its radiation levels, for those who watch out for the numbers, may also keep the consumer from buying it.

4. Alcatel One Touch Evolve (SAR: 1.49)

Call quality and low price may attract you, but there isn’t much to say about this very simple phone. It does not support 4G connection and also comes with a slow processor. What’s even worse is that it can give you high radiation levels alongside its fuzzy and blurry screen.

5. Huawei Vitria (SAR: 1.49)

This is a fast smartphone that can support LTE connection. It is also a good priced phone, which is ideal for beginners. Unfortunately, if you’re not into plain-looking phones, this is one of the devices you want to avoid. Also, the high radiation levels may put you off, along with the fact that its battery drains rather quickly.

Knowing the SAR of your phone is useful. According to the associate director of the NationalInstitutes of Health, National Toxicology Program named Dr. John Bucher, being exposed to radiation for 10-12 years can increase your risk for developing brain cancer.