Fenugreek, which has other names such as fenigreek, Greek hay, and methi, is a popular plant especially in the Mediterranean region. The seeds and leaves are used to create a culinary spice. Fenugreek is not only an ingredient to make foods tasty; it also has health benefits, which is why many countries, including Egypt, Italy, and Greece, use the plant to treat various health problems.

With a rich reservoir of therapeutic and healing properties, you should definitely add fenugreek to your diet especially because of the following benefits:

1. Lower Cholesterol

If you have high cholesterol or you simply want to stay healthy, fenugreek can help. Studies have shown how fenugreek can reduce cholesterol levels in the body, particularly the bad cholesterol or LDL. This is possible because of fenugreek’s steroidal saponins that can stop the body from absorbing triglycerides and cholesterol.

2. Heart-Friendly

Eat more fenugreek to make your heart healthier. Galactomannan, which is a component found in the seeds can help maintain good heart health. Aside from that, the seeds are high in potassium, which is a mineral necessary for people who eat sodium-rich foods.

Fenugreek Health Benefits StethNews3. For Diabetics

If you have diabetes or you are a pre-diabetic patient, you should eat fenugreek regularly. Galactomannan is a soluble fiber found in the plant which can slow down sugar absorption in the blood. Fenugreek also has amino acids, which induce insulin production.

4. For the Gut

Fenugreek is also a good friend of your gut as it can help you have better digestion. The fiber and the antioxidants that are present in the plant can flush out the toxins. This works well especially when fenugreek is made into tea, which is very effective in curing stomach pain and indigestion.

5. Anti-Heartburn

If you’re frequently suffering from heartburn, the seeds of the plant can be your go-to remedy. Just use a teaspoon and add the seeds to your food. The mucilage of the seeds can protect the lining of the intestines and the stomach, leading to relaxed gastrointestinal tissues.

6. For Weight Loss

If you’ve been trying to lose weight and you need extra help, fenugreek is a good solution. Chewing the seeds that you have soaked prior to consumption can aid in burning unwanted fat. Make sure to eat the seeds in the morning before you eat or drink, so you take advantage of the powers of the fiber found in fenugreek.

Ancient Egyptians trusted fenugreek in the 1500 BCE. As a spice, ingredient, and medicine, fenugreek can help you with many aches and pains.