According to dermatologists, the most common skin disease found in older patients is eczema, which is a result of itching and having dry skin. As people grow older, the oil glands found on the skin will slowly stop functioning correctly. This often results to drying of the skin, so it is important that you know how to properly bathe. Unfortunately, all the rinsing and soaping that you do can cause problems with your skin.

To avoid eczema and other skin diseases, here are showering mistakes that you should know about:

Taking a Steaming Hot Shower

For most people, hot showers are therapeutic since they help in relaxation and even in de-stressing. However, experts are saying you should not blast the hot water in the bathroom. If you need this kind of therapy, use heating pads instead. Hot water can remove your skin’s natural oils and even promotes poor blood circulation.

Enjoying Long Showers

Spending at least 15 minutes in the shower is quite tempting, but skin experts believe you should stay more than 10 minutes in the bathroom. This can lead to dry skin as well.

Exfoliating Every Day

Skin exfoliation is good because it removes dead skin and gets rids of germs and bacteria as well. However, daily exfoliation can lead to dry and easily irritated skin.

Soaping Every Part of the Body

For most people, this may come as a shock because it is common knowledge to soap the whole body. Soap is created to get rid of dirt and oil. Soaping the arms and legs is a bad idea because they don’t have enough oil, leaving your skin dry. Use soap only to parts of the body that cause odor, such as armpits, buttocks, feet, groin, and your face.

A shower can turn ugly. Don't let it happen. / PicHelp
A shower can turn ugly. Don’t let it happen. / PicHelp

Brushing Your Teeth in the Shower

You may not have enough time to do all the things you need to do, so you choose to multitask. Unfortunately, if you turn this into a habit, you will not provide the right amount of time for your teeth than what they really need. According to dentists, brushing should be done for at least two minutes. Don’t rush, whether you are showering or brushing your teeth.

Using Natural Products

Products that claim they only use organic ingredients are not equivalent to healthy skin. Even if you are using these so-called natural products, they can still strip away the natural moisture of the skin. You need to read the labels first before buying.

Avoid these blunders while you are in the shower to have cleaner and healthier skin.