Wearing underwear is pretty straightforward. But even though wearing undies is a super simple thing to do, there are some mistakes you probably don’t know about and are doing right now. What’s worse is that these mistakes can cost you your well-being. Therefore, it is time for you to become aware and stop doing the following underwear blunders:

1. Friction-Causing Tightness

Very tight underwear can cause not only your skin to get irritated, but also your genitals. Women who are in their menopausal stage can suffer from thinning vaginal walls if their underwear is too tight.

Solution: Even if your skin doesn’t get irritated, you shouldn’t make it a habit to wear tight underwear. Buy something that is right for your size to avoid skin chafing and irritation.

2. Wrong Kind of Fabric

Most of the underwear in the market today has breathable fabrics. However, there are some people who opt for synthetic fabrics and underwear that use silk as their main material. These are really bad for the skin and the crotch area because it can increase the risk of bacterial and yeast infection. These materials also increase the amount of moisture trapped in the crotch area and the wetness is usually retained there.

Solution: You can wear any kind of fabric you want, but make sure that cotton lines the crotch area.

3. Unconcerned about Sweat

Some people tend to sweat more than others. If you are a sweaty individual, chances are you are sweaty down there as well. It is important that you stay dry, especially for women since a vagina that is warm and moist can harbor bacteria, making it easy for yeast infection to develop.

Solution: Change undies at least twice a day, especially if you are having an active day where you sweat more than usual. While cotton underwear is best for most people, you should avoid this material if you sweat a lot. You can also use a panty liner to prevent moisture from getting trapped in your underwear. This is helpful if you can’t change undies right away.

4. Wearing Underwear at Night, Wearing Nothing During the Day

Most experts recommend that you shouldn’t wear underwear when you sleep, particularly for menopausal women who experience hot flashes at night. This doesn’t mean you should stop wearing underwear though. During the day, going commando can present a lot of problems because what you’re wearing, such as your pants, does not have a liner. Without liners, your tissues can get irritated and the moisture from the vagina will be absorbed by the skirt, dress, or pants.

Solution: Remove your underwear at night and make sure you wear undies during daytime.

Be smart even in simple things, such as wearing underwear to avoid infection and irritation.