There’s a new and interesting secret found for us to live longer and healthier. The good news about this discovery is that it can be applied to everyone, regardless of your gender, age, and race. With just a simple formula, you can predict how many years you will lose in case you are obese. According to this latest research, longevity or life expectancy can be determined without the use of gadgets, apps, or even going to the doctor because you can now do it at home. Get your measuring tape and start taking your waist size.

This recent research tells people that the size of your waist should not be more than half of your height. To understand better, here’s the formula on how you can determine your longevity:

  1. Get your waist size. Use your measuring tape and get the circumference of your waist, which is located at your lowest rib and your hip bone – right around your middle. It is important that you don’t breathe in, which can actually expand your waist size artificially.
  2. Know your height. If you already know your height, you can simply subtract the waist size (whether it is in centimeters or inches) from your height. Make sure that you use the same measurement unit.

Assessing the Results

Here's another reason to measure your waistline / PicHelp
Here’s another reason to measure your waistline / PicHelp

Once you have your waist size and you have followed the directions above, you can learn now how long you could live. According to the research, there are key points you have to take note of:

  • If your waist size is half of your height or even lower than that, science says that you can expect to live up to 81 years old.
  • For every inch that is over half of your height, this can shave off months or years from your life span. For instance, if you’re 5’10” which is equivalent to 70 inches, this means that your goal is to keep your waist size 35 inches or less. Meanwhile, if you’re a 5’4” woman, make sure your waist size is 32 inches or lower.

If you don’t follow these guidelines, say you have 42 inches of waist size (equivalent to 60% of your total height) as a 5’10” man, this can deduct two years on your life span. This may not seem much, but this research shows that being obese does have a huge effect on your lifespan. A 5’10” man with 56-inch waist can expect to lose as much as two decades off their total lifespan. Obesity does take lives, so make sure you control your weight by exercising, eating right, and have a healthy lifestyle.