Potatoes are usually considered comfort and by that, not everyone thinks highly of them. This is mainly because they are popular for their processed versions, particularly French fries and hash browns. But potatoes aren’t pure evil; in fact, they have a lot to boast about especially when it comes to the health benefits they can offer.

Whether you’re a health-conscious person or you simply want to enjoy the goodness of these tubers, you’re definitely in for a treat:

1. Nutrient-Dense

Potatoes contain several nutrients, including:

  • Soluble and insoluble fiber for digestion and lowering cholesterol levels
  • Phytochemicals, such as flavanoids and kukoamine to lower your blood pressure
  • Vitamin C(surprise!) for good health but this vitamin is mostly lost when potatoes are exposed to heat
  • Vitamin B6for the heart
  • Iron and copper for normalizing blood pressure and protecting the heart as well

Potatoes are very high in potassium and they actually beat most foods that are high in the mineral.

Potato or potato' - Let me count the ways you can cook it healthily / PicHelp
Potato or potato’ – Let me count the ways you can cook it healthily / PicHelp

2. Good for Weight Loss

Many people think potatoes are fattening, but they are actually good for dieters. Yes, they are big in size, but these tubers are heavy because their weight is from 70-80% water content. Make sure you don’t eat potatoes with butter and other fatty or cholesterol-rich sides as they will definitely contribute to weight gain.

3. Improved Digestion

The carbohydrates found in potatoes are good for your stomach and the whole digestion process. Potatoes are fed to babies because they can’t digest solids yet, but they need energy. Potatoes also have fiber (more in raw and cold potatoes than cooked ones), which can help in preventing constipation and even colorectal cancer.

4. Rheumatism Relief

The magnesium and calcium in potatoes are good for people with rheumatism. You can even use the water after you have boiled your potatoes as it can eliminate the inflammation and pain caused by the condition.

5. Anti-Cancer and Heart Disease

Russet and red potatoes have high levels of antioxidants and zeaxanthin, along with carotenes. This combination of nutrients can help ward off certain types of cancer. Potatoes also contain quercetin according to the Agriculture Research Service. The compound can fight the development of tumor and other effects of cancer. Also, potatoes can regulate blood pressure with the help of fiber and vitamin C. As a result, you can have a healthier heart and even prevent various problems such as diabetes, indigestion, and nutrient imbalance.

To get the most out of the fiber content of potatoes, don’t remove the skin. Instead, consume both the skin and the flesh, but of course make sure the outside is completely clean.