3 Drink Recipes for Detox and Cleansing

3 Drink Recipes for Detox and Cleansing

Detoxification, when done right, can provide a ton of health benefits, including:

  • Toxins, such as environmental pollution, chemicals that cause cancer, and preservatives, can be removed from the body.
  • Chronic diseases, such as cancers, strokes, and heart diseases, can be prevented.
  • Immune system function can be enhanced.
  • You can lose weight.
  • Detoxifying can also slow down premature aging.

Simply put, cleansing and detoxifying can help improve the quality of life. There are many ways to detoxify and one of them includes consuming healthy drinks. Here are drink recipes that can make you healthier inside and out:

1. Lemon Detox Drink

This is super easy as you only need lemon and water. In a glass of water (can either be cold or warm), just squeeze a lemon and drink this every day before you consume anything and before you go to bed.This lemon detox drink can beautify your skin and make it more elastic, while clearing acne. Lemons are already beneficial to your health, so you know this drink can give you vitamin C and other nutrients.

2. Kale Detox Drink

If you love your greens, this kale drink is good for you. It comes with vitamins A, C, and K, along with copper, potassium, iron, and other minerals. For this recipe, you will need the following ingredients:

  • A handful of kale leaves
  • Half an apple
  • One cup of coconut water

Once the ingredients are ready, simply remove the hard ribs found on the leaves of kale. Then, add the leaves to your blender along with the apple and coconut water. As with other drinks, all you need to do is blend the ingredients together until they are completely mixed. Drink cold or consume right away.

3. Detox Drink for Weight Loss

If you’re detoxing is because you want to lose weight, here’s an effective drink that can help you get rid of the flab. It is really easy and you can use any kind of fruits and vegetables you want. In a bowl, toss the veggies and fruits you have in your kitchen. Then add water. Let the ingredients sit in water overnight. When you wake up, you can transfer the water from the bowl to a glass and drink it.

Detox Recipes July 2016In order for the detox drinks to work, especially if your aim is to lose weight, you should also eat healthy. Natural ingredients should make up your diet and you should definitely avoid processed foods.