Coffee is not only for keeping you alert in the morning; it actually has several other uses. Take a look at the list below and you will find different ways to recycle your coffee. This way, you can enjoy coffee once more even after you already finished your morning cup of Joe.

Pest Repellent – Put the coffee grounds around your plants to get rid of ants, slugs, and other destructive pests.

Caffeine for Your Carrots – Before sowing the carrot seeds, put some dried coffee grounds. This will give them a boost of energy, so that you will gather more and bigger carrots. Plus, coffee, as mentioned, is a pest repellent.

Cleaning Agent – Use the coffee grounds to get rid of dirt on surfaces. You can also use a bit of your detergent. The mixture is effective in washing the dishes.

Foul Odor Solution – If your refrigerator gives off an unpleasant smell, put dried coffee grounds in a bowl to neutralize the bad odor.

Body Scrub – Exfoliate your skin the natural way with your coffee grounds. Just add warm water or coconut oil and start scrubbing.

Don't throw those coffee grounds yet / PicHelp
Don’t throw those coffee grounds yet / PicHelp

Caffeine for Hair – Before you shower, massage the grounds to your hair, which will restore shine and boost your hair’s health.

With these extra uses, you should definitely start reusing your coffee grounds instead of throwing them away.