There’s a saying that goes, “variety is the spice of life.” This man though appears to disagree as he only lives on cheese pizza for the past 25 years of his life. Meet Dan Janssen, a 38 year old from Maryland. He recounted that his love for pizza started when he was just a teenager. He is actually a vegetarian, but they kind that does not like veggies.

Dan’s Routine

Many people love pizza and most of them would probably envy Dan’s life because he gets to eat this much adored food. Dan usually eats not just one, but two 14-inch pizzas every single day, partnered with coffee to wash the slices down. He studied at Harvard University, while working at Domino’s Pizza to further fuel his addiction to the food.

Dan’s Health

Dan has laid out the following pieces of information about his health to the public:

• He has diabetes, but he claims this is not because of his pizza consumption, but it is due to family history.

• He also believes that he is fit and is in good health. His doctors agree with him, except for his endocrinologist who told him to change his eating habits.

Dan declares that he loves pizza so much and he has no plans on stopping his exclusive pizza diet.

Is Eating Pizza Every Day Healthy?

Dan Janssen is a unique kind of pizza guy / PicHelp
Dan Janssen is a unique kind of pizza guy / PicHelp

In America and other countries, pizza is considered a junk food and this obviously means it is not meant to be eaten every day. Unless you are consuming homemade pizza that contains fresh, healthy ingredients, pizza is not supposed to be a part of your daily meal plan. Among the reasons why include:

Obesity: This food is actually one of the biggest contributors to obesity, especially in younger people.

Leads to Bad Habits: Since many individuals do not welcome the idea of cooking at home, they order pizza from their favorite restaurant chains and they eat at home, usually while watching TV. This has become a poor habit of many Americans. Even young children imitate this behavior from their parents.

Preference for Junk Foods: Instead of eating fruits and vegetables, young people eat pizza for dinner or during anytime of the day.

You might think this diet is completely safe. After all, Janssen is still alive and does not even think about eating other foods just yet. While it is true that you will not die quickly, a pizza-centric meal plan can increase your likelihood of developing various diseases. Pizza may be delicious for you, but it does not have the vitamins and minerals necessary to keep you alive and healthy for a long time.