If you’re trying to whiten your teeth, one of the last things you will think of is using charcoal to reach your objective. You may have seen people brushing their teeth with messy paste that is pitch black. It’s not just any charcoal though as it actually is activated charcoal, which has natural adhesive characteristics. With such quality, it is easy for the charcoal to bind with teeth-staining culprits, including plaque, wine, and coffee.

It may sound crazy, but activated charcoal as your toothpaste is extremely effective in giving you a bright smile. It is either in capsule or powder form that is fine, tasteless, and odorless. Best of all, you can be sure that it is safe to use. In fact, it is currently a remedy against internal toxins, especially food poisoning.

Teeth Whitening Detoxifier 

Activated charcoal does not just whiten your teeth because it also removes the toxins in your body. When you brush with charcoal, it absorbs toxins that are on your teeth’s surface. Your body will not soak up charcoal if ever you ingest some of it because it will actually go to the gastrointestinal (GI) system. This becomes very beneficial for you since it will attract the toxins and chemicals as it passes through the body until it is expelled by your digestive system.

Using Activated Charcoal

Use charcoal on your teeth, it just works / PicHelp
Use charcoal on your teeth, it just works / PicHelp

Before you use activated charcoal, you should be aware that this type of charcoal is not the same as the everyday charcoal from your barbecue out back. Activated charcoal is specifically designed for medicinal use. The manufacturers heat typical charcoal first in the presence of specific gas that can make it very porous. Thus, the activated charcoal gains the ability to trap the impurities, thanks to those pores.

According to Dr. Al Sears, MD, he and his patients have been using activated charcoal for whitening their teeth and most importantly, in detoxifying. This health professional recommends exactly 20 grams of activated charcoal to detoxify heavy metals in the body. The total amount should be used twice to four times every day within 12 hours.

When using activated charcoal, you could have black stools as a result of the detoxification process. Plus, you could get dehydrated, so be sure to drink plenty of water after using it. Although this type of charcoal attracts toxins and nutrients, particularly from pharmaceutical medicines and synthetic vitamin sources, food nutrients remain intact. Brush with activated charcoal after two hours of eating to properly detox and whiten your teeth.