Although all-nighters are unhealthy, there are times when they are necessary. You can recover from a night without sleep with the following tips from sleep scientists:

Sleep Scientist Crazy Tips

  1. Drink coffee, but do not overload too early. Stick to one cup in the morning and do not drink after 3PM or else you will find it hard to sleep again.
  2. Eat breakfast after an hour of waking up, but make sure your food does not contain tons of sugar. The best breakfast consists of protein and whole grains.
  3. Don’t hit the snooze button. The extra few minutes that you stay in bed will not give you the amount of rest you are craving of. In fact, they can make you feel more tired and sluggish.
  4. Go outside to get help from the sun’s natural light, which can help you become more alert. No need to take your sunglasses with you.
  5. Eat a light lunch consisting of vegetables, grains, and protein. Once again, avoid sugar.

These five tips are actually very easy to do, so make sure you follow them next time you pull an all-nighter and need a boost the next morning.