Your coffee could be too strong, too weak, or just not tasty. You may be thinking whether or not you should add more cream, milk, or sugar in your favorite beverage, but this is not the only solution. Believe it or not, the color of your mug can give you the best tasting coffee you have ever drunk. A study published in Flavour journal claims that the color of the mug does have an effect on the taste of the coffee. It is actually not hard to believe if you think about it. The design and the color of the product do have an influence over the perceptions of the customer.

What the Study Says

According to the study, which was inspired by a barista, white mugs are a no-no when it comes to serving coffee. The mug that should be used must be clear and should be made up of glass. The study actually asked the participants to rate the same hot coffee in white, clear, and blue mugs.

This is a neat and colorful trick to get more out of that coffee / PicHelp
This is a neat and colorful trick to get more out of that coffee / PicHelp

Based on the results, it does show that the appearance of the mug has an effect on the perceived taste of the participants of the study. Many of them said that the coffee they drank from the white mug is more intense than and not as sweet as those from the blue and clear mugs – even though they are of the same coffee recipe. The researchers concluded that the color contrast between the dark coffee and the white mug actually increased the seeming brownness of the coffee. This is why they thought the coffee they drank was too intense and less sweet.

Meanwhile, the coffee that they drank from the blue mug was seen as much sweeter than both the transparent and the white mugs.

Why Color of Mugs Affect the Taste

It is without a doubt that colors influence how people react to a product. However, it remains unclear as to why this happens. It is theorized though that people tend to disregard the color, but are actually seeing the reference of one color to other colors. For instance, if you put a red strawberry on a white plate, you will most likely prefer to eat it over a strawberry placed on a black plate.

The study could serve as a guide to coffee shops as they provide coffee to their customers. The color of the cup can actually change the response of the customers, which can either make or break the business.