Ramen-Only Diet for 13 Years Changed this Girl’s Health

Ramen-Only Diet for 13 Years Changed this Girl’s Health

Call her the Ramen girl!

Ramen is often the go-to meal of many college students who are short on cash. However, Georgi Readman, 18, is on a whole new other level with her dedication to instant noodles. For 13 years, she was on a ramen-only diet as everything else, especially fruits and vegetables, disgusts her. The teen is from the Isle of Wight in the United Kingdom and has been hooked on the preservative-laden food since she was five years old.

Where are Her Parents?

According to the teen, her mother would by her dozens of noodle packets. She even estimated that she eats about 30 miles of ramen noodles annually. Thinking about other foods will make her sick as she dislikes the textures of both fruits and vegetables. Many people would argue that her parents have a part to play in her being a picky eater, but some professionals believe this is a sign of selective eating disorder.

Unfortunately, there is not enough research about this eating disorder and is not even officially recognized as a condition. Instead, when adults have this kind of behavior, they are considered as picky eaters. According to Georgi though, she has no plans on stopping her ramen-only diet. Sadly, it does not do anything good for her as she is putting her health at risk.

Readman loves ramen more than any food / PicHelp
Readman loves ramen more than any food / PicHelp

Negative Effects of a Ramen-Only Diet

Despite being young, Georgi has exposed herself to several health problems. When she had a checkup recently, doctors thought she had leukemia because she looked pale and fragile. The 5’3 teen weighs only 98 pounds and is considered malnourished with serious health concerns of an 80-year old person. For 13 years, she has eaten ramen every day, which obviously has some negative effects to her health, including:

  • Because of the high saturated fat content, ramen can lead to high cholesterol levels and can even increase your risk of developing cardiovascular disease.
  • One pack of ramen already contains more than half of the recommended daily intake of sodium. Georgi eats at least two every day, which increases high blood pressure and can lead to stroke, renal failure, and heart disease.
  • Ramen is also low in nutrients, so it should never be a part of daily diet. If it is packaged in Styrofoam, it may also contain bisphenol A, a chemical that can disrupt the hormones.

    She discovered ramen when she was 5, now she can't stop / PicHelp
    She discovered ramen when she was 5, now she can’t stop / PicHelp

The daily amount of sodium Georgi gets from eating ramen can damage her kidneys, liver, heart, and even her brain. If you are a parent, you should start training your child to eat fruits and vegetables before it is too late.