Most women suddenly find their thighs getting bumpy. Unfortunately, cellulite is not one to discriminate. This skin problem can appear in teenage girls – even those who are younger. But most women who complain about them are in their early 20s.

Cellulite isn’t a mysterious condition and although there are stories linking it to poor circulation or trapped toxins, it is simply old fat. You will find that it looks different from other fats in the body mainly because of its arrangement.

Although over 85% of women worry about this problem that can occur not only on the legs and thighs but also on the stomach and buttocks, there are ways to smoothen the skin again. Here are natural methods you can try to eliminate the problem at home:

1. Eat healthy.

You can start by eating healthy and it will really help if you avoid foods that are high in salt. Bad eating habits can cause the fats to swell, especially if you keep eating salty food. This causes your cellulite to look more pronounced. Watch your sodium intake and make sure you eat plenty of fiber as well as whole grain foods.

Bad eating habits can cause the fats to swell / PicHelp

2. Drink more water.

Aside from eating healthy, you also need to up your water intake. Hydration is important to improve your health, not just for removing cellulite. It can make your skin glow and improve its texture, while helping you digest the foods you eat so that your body absorbs the nutrients properly. Apart from water, you can also eat healthy foods that have high water content, including watermelons and cucumbers.

3. Start dry brushing.

This is the simplest and probably the most popular method in removing cellulites, especially on the thigh area. It is not backed by science, but many people believe it is effective. Dry brushing helps stimulate blood circulation and improves lymphatic drainage. As a result, toxin buildup is removed from the body.

Moisturize your skin with extra virgin coconut oil while dry brushing. The correct way to do this is to start on the higher lymph nodes, such as on the groin or armpits. Then, you can move to the outer areas of the body. Be sure to move towards the direction of the heart, unless you’re dry brushing the part of the buttocks.

Other methods of removing cellulite at home include drinking green tea to speed up your metabolism and burn fat, exercising regularly, massaging the skin using coffee grounds, and supplementing on omega-3s.