Saturday night and it would be the time for your friends to gather in your place. You might consider having a movie marathon with delightful bags of popcorn and flavorful drinks aside. Before you go popping on those puffy corns, you might think first on what every pack of microwave popcorn can do to you.

Diacetyl Flavoring

You might not be familiar with the ‘diacetyl’ term. To brief you with this, it is simply a synthetic butter flavoring. Yes, it gives that distinct buttery flavor on your popcorn; but it will damage your lungs like you have never imagined before.

Horror Popcorn
Image from popcornhorror

The diacetyl can severely damage your lungs. When you inhale this chemical in large quantities, you will develop a so-called bronchiolitis obliterans or simply popcorn lung. It causes its victims horrible symptoms like difficulty of breathing. The worst thing is death itself. The only possible treatment option for this illness is lung transplant. However, many victims died before the operation is carried out.

People who work in popcorn and potato chip factories are often the victims of the devastating illness. They are the ones who are usually exposed to the fumes. However, its horror does not end in factories. The end-buyers are also affected. As a matter of fact, there is a consumer who died in 2007 due to consumption of popcorn for 10 to 12 years. For these reasons, companies such as American Popcorn Company and Weaver Popcorn Co. have pulled out the use of diacetyl chemical.

Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA)

If you are wondering how the flavoring on popcorns do not stick to its container is because of the lining in the bag, the Perfluooctanoic Acid (PFOA). This may appear appealing, but later on will be perceived otherwise. It is for the fact that PFOA can cause chronic illnesses such as liver cancer and prostate cancer when ingested. In addition to this, it has been associated with cholesterol level and thyroid problems. Nonetheless, the victims of PFOA are most often the workers in popcorn factories.

It is Just Right to Think Twice!

What you have just read are the facts on what you can get from consuming microwave popcorn. There is no doubt that it is a convenient and tasty snack to pop on, but think twice. Make it a habit to check the label, what it contains, and what it can do to your body.