Do you want to grow your own medicinal garden at home? Look no further as here are ten of the easy-to-maintain medicinal plants to have at your very own home:

1. Aloe Vera
The aloe vera is one of the easiest plants to maintain. It can grow in a plant pot, sustain on either moist or dry soil, and take a lot of sunshine. The extract from this plant is great for treating cuts and wounds, plus the extract can be ingested to cure constipation and other digestive problems.

2. Basil
The basil plant is known for to heal flatulence and boost appetite, as well as relieve scrapes and cuts. The basil plant is best to maintain on the outdoor patio, though it can be possible to grow basil indoors. Keep in mind that it requires a lot of sunshine and adequate water.

3. Pot Marigold
The marigold flower can grow on soil regardless whether it is wet, dry or moist, which makes it easy to cultivate under normal weather. Marigold is effective in curing sore eyes and insect bites. It’s also effective for relieving open wounds.

Be able to decoctions if you have your own mini-botanical garden / PicHelp
Be able to decoctions if you have your own mini-botanical garden / PicHelp

4. Chamomile
The flower beads of the chamomile can be mixed with ointments or oils to relieve skin irritations and inflammations. This medicinal herb can also be used to cure indigestion.

5. Thyme
Although a staple in salad dressings, the thyme is also a medicinal herb for soothing the lungs and limiting spasms. When taken internally, the thyme’s juice can disinfect the urinary tract and promote excretion of urine. With regards to growing thyme, the plant is easy to maintain even indoors but it requires at least eight hours of sunshine a day.

6. Lavender
While the lavender is most known for its fragrance in perfumes, this plant is also viable as a medicinal plant. Lavender flowers can be brewed to make herbal tea for easing clinical depression and stress. The lavender can also be applied to the skin to heal slight burns and wounds. This plant is easy to grow indoors or on the garden.

7. Peppermint
The peppermint is a very soothing medicinal herb for relaxing tense muscles and soothing pain. Peppermint leaves can also be infused to a hot cup of tea for relieving stomach aches and irritable bowel movement. The peppermint is very easy to cultivate indoors as it takes shade with a little bit of sunlight to grow.

8. Lemon Balm
Crushed lemon balm leaves are good for repelling mosquitos. The leaves are also good for relieving sores and insect bites. Lemon balm can be grown in small pots, and the plant can be harvested in the summer when the flowers bloom.

9. Marsh Mallow Plant
The marshmallow plant has roots that have medicinal powers. These roots can be ingested to cure gastritis and ulcers. The roots can also be applied to relieve aching muscles and inflammations. The marshmallow plant can be grown from a small garden or on a plant pot.