Social media platforms have indeed changed our lives, particularly in the way we communicate and connect with other people. Facebook remains to be at the top until today with its multitude of features and a billion users. However, new research shows that those who don’t use Facebook are much happier than Facebook users.

The Happiness Research Institute presented data that quitting the social media website can help you become happier and more satisfied with your life.

According to the research, you need to remove things, such as newborn baby photos, wedding announcements or engagement pictures, and vacation photos from your daily observation in order for you to feel more contented. These pictures and status posts can easily make you feel that you have a tragically dull life.

How the Research Was Performed

The study included almost 1,100 Danish participants with the intention of determining how Facebook affects not only our happiness, but also our overall wellbeing. The participants had the following interactions with Facebook:

  • 94% of them used the website as a part of their daily routine
  • 69% of the participants confessed that they post photos that are brag-worthy

The participants were divided into groups where:

  • One was a control group that did not change their Facebook use
  • The other was a treatment group that were forced to stop using the website for one whole week
True story.
True story.

Both groups reported what happened to them and how the treatment group’s routine had an impact on their perception in life. Based on the results, this group felt significantly happier and more content with their lives with the absence of Facebook:

  • General happiness levels of both groups were quite high. For the control group, they were at 81%, but the non-Facebook users were at 88%.
  • The sadness level for the control group was 34%, while only 22% of the control group remained sad after avoiding Facebook for a week.
  • As for enthusiasm, those who don’t use Facebook are 61% enthusiastic, while 49% of the control group remained unimpressed with their lives.
  • 84% of the treatment group said that they enjoy their life, while 75% of the control group said they feel the same.

The culprit behind unhappiness due to Facebook and even other social media sites and apps is envy. We are constantly overcome by comparison to other people. We then see other individuals who appear like they always have the time of their lives and we compare our own life with them. We suddenly realize we have such mundane lives, careers, and relationships. Even our daily routines become boring. If you really want to become happy and improve your well-being, say goodbye to Facebook right now.