If you go to a food website that features healthy recipes, you can almost always find there’s kale in the ingredients. This is totally justified because of the fact that you can cook it in many different ways, add it to several types of dishes, and even use it in salads.

If you’re ready, here are the 11 ways on how you can prepare kale:

Kale Superfood
You will love kale (more) after learning these recipes / PicHelp


1. Steamed Kale: If you have never cooked kale before, this is a great place to start. But first, you need to find kale that has dark green color to it. It should also not feel that it is too floppy. Next is to wash it thoroughly. If the kale you have bought is a bit larger than normal, you can cut out the stems; if not, just chop it into big pieces. Finally, you can steam the kale on the stove or you can use your microwave.

2. Kale Pizza: If you love healthy pizza, you can add sautéed kale to your favorite combos, including caramelized onions, crispy bacon, and strong white cheeses. Check the recipe here.

3. Sautéed Kale: Speaking of sautéed kale, here’s one healthy side dish that you can try. It is very easy as you only need to sauté onions and garlic. After that, you can add the kale. You can also put some hot sauce in it to spice things up a little bit.

4. Kale Pesto: Here is another Italian-inspired food you will enjoy. Instead of going for basil pesto, kale pesto is actually a better option. It is very flavorful and you can use it for your pasta, pizza, or omelet. Thank Mary for this recipe.

5. Kale Lasagna: Another Italian favorite, you can turn your lasagna into a much healthier food by using kale as part of the ingredients. Marth Stewart has it covered.

6. Kale Pasta: Yes, you can add kale to your pasta. You can add it to your spaghetti, baked mac and cheese, or sausage pasta if you wish.

7. Kale Chips: If it’s movie date night, you can choose kale chips instead of potato chips or popcorn. Not only are these healthier, but it is also great for people with gluten sensitivity or those with celiac disease.

8. Kale Quiche: If you’re fond of French food, here is something you may want to try. Instead of spinach quiche, use kale. They almost have the same taste, but you have more health benefits when you choose kale.

9. Kale Soup: Add kale to a soup with ham or sausage and some white beans. To be on a much healthier side, use the combination of kale and acorn squash. This is actually a favorite during winter season.

10. Kale Slaw: Instead of using raw cabbage, use raw kale for this super simple recipe.

11. Kale Juice: Put kale into your juicer and add some apples, a bit of lemon, and carrot to quench your thirst and give you more health benefits than other sweetened juice out there.

These methods, as you can see, are very easy and the fact that kale is a healthy vegetable, you can consume it as much as you want.