Tornadoes are terrifying and almost all the time, they are very destructive. They can blow away houses and living things. If a tornado is about to hit your area, you should understand that there is no guaranteed safety when this happens. However, this does not mean that you cannot stay safe when a tornado hits. There are a number of things you should remember and the most important ones involved the following:

Plan before the Storm

Listening to the radio or watching the news can help you understand what is about to happen. If there are children in your family, you should tell them about the storm and the possibility of a tornado without causing them to panic. There should be a plan in place within your family. One of the most effective strategies is to know the strongest parts of the house. These are the places where you can hide or take shelter in case the tornado hits your place.

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Aside from those parts of the house, you should also remember that there will be flying debris all over your dwelling. You will need protective coverings to keep everyone safe. You can use sleeping bags, mattress, or thick blankets.

Know If There Will Really Be a Tornado

Although weather forecasting is available, there are times when a tornado comes unannounced. You should heed natural warnings that show you such phenomenon is about to take place. These warnings include:

  • Whirling of dust on the ground
  • Persistent rotation at the base of the clouds
  • Heavy rain with intense and fast wind shift
  • Loud rumble that does not seem to stop

Tornado Safety Tips Knowing What to Do Can Help You Survive -2

What to Do

If you have a house that has a basement, go down to it and make sure to stay away from windows as much as possible. Go under a table or anything that is sturdy enough to provide you with protection. Meanwhile, if you live in an apartment or a home with no basement, you should go to the lowest floor. Stay at the center of the room or at a small area, such as a closet or a bathroom. It is also safe to hide under a stairwell or a hallway, but make sure there are no windows nearby. Stay as low as possible and face down.

Sometimes, a tornado could catch you while you are outdoors in an open area. If possible, find the nearest building and seek shelter. If there is no building nearby, you can stay flat with your face on the ground. Protect the back of your head using your hands. Make sure there are no trees, cars, or other heavy objects around.