A 35-year old woman from Australia became a fashion victim and made international headlines. She was hospitalized and stayed there for four days allegedly because of skinny jeans. While the tight jeans are not literally the reason why she was rushed to the hospital, they contributed to the problem. It was reported that she had nerve damage due to squatting for several hours while wearing the jeans.

What Really Happened

The Australian woman helped one of her relatives transfer to a new home, so she squatted for quite some time as she helped empty the closets. Later that night, when packing was done, she walked to her place, but she felt her feet growing numb. Suddenly, she tripped and fell down. For hours, she was not able to move on the ground until someone found her and sent her to the hospital.

What Medical Experts Say

According to Dr. Thomas Kimber, the doctor who treated the woman, the skinny jeans she was wearing indeed impacted her condition. She squatted while wearing the jeans for a prolonged period of time, which resulted to swollen calves, prompting the doctors to cut her jeans. It is normal for the muscles to expand when a part of the body swells. Unfortunately, the muscles will expand inwards, which causes the nerves and the blood vessels to be restricted. As a result, the woman’s lower legs lost circulation, triggering immobile ankles and toes. If she wasn’t rushed to the hospital, she would have experienced residual nerve damage.

Should You Really Stop Wearing Skinny Jeans?

Skinny jeans: different colors, different sizes, one health danger / PicHelp
Skinny jeans: different colors, different sizes, one health danger / PicHelp

Another woman named Lesley Kime had a traumatic experience with skinny jeans. This time, she had a urine infection and her GP concluded it was because of her favorite pants. She suffered from severe cystitis, which is a bladder inflammation caused by germs. Unlike the Australian woman, she had to fight through her condition at the hospital for five weeks. Because of what she went through, Kime advised women to be aware of the possible hazards of wearing skinny jeans.

Although there have been a few hospitalization cases where skinny jeans were involved, this does not mean they are fully responsible. Even doctors don’t agree that they should be completely blamed. However, if you have favorite skinny jeans, but they make you red in the face, the solution is simple: you should not wear one that is incredibly tight. Choose jeans that are a good fit to your size and should be made with breathable material.