It may surprise you, but in many parts of the world, men are encouraged to pee while sitting down. If you have always done it while standing up, you may want to consider switching things up with these reasons:

1. When you pee sitting down, you hunch over and relax.

2. You can use your smartphone while you sit, so you can read news or your email.

3. You keep your friend 100% safe from the dangers of your zipper.

4. You save a lot when you pee sitting down. Since you go hands-free when you tinkle because there is no need to touch your man-parts, you do not need to wash your hands after. You don’t have to buy that expensive soap for your hands. Think of the savings!

5. You don’t have to aim unlike when you pee standing up.

6. When you pee in the middle of the night, you don’t have to turn on the light, which can cause temporary blindness. Once again, you save money on the electric bills.

7. Your wife will be happier. Since there is no need to aim, the toilet seat is free from germs caused by the splash.

8. Who doesn’t want to sit down after a long, hard day at work?

Men can take a pee sitting down, actually it's recommended / PicHelp
Men can take a pee sitting down, actually it’s recommended / PicHelp

It is time to change the notion that women should be the only ones who should sit while peeing. Take the toilet seat and feel free to pee like a true gentleman.