There is no shame in declaring you want bigger breasts. We live in a world where curvy women are more desired, which is why it is normal to strive to look good – especially in the bust area. It is often tricky to get what you want without surgery, but here are some tips that can give you voluptuous cleavage the natural way:

1. Consume Norwegian Cod Liver Oil (NCLO). Quite recently, the craze is on for the NCLO. This type of oil is said to give women the fullness that they are dreaming of. The only problem with this is that you could smell like a walking sushi restaurant. Also, don’t expect the results to appear overnight. You need to wait for a few months and don’t forget to shower daily.

2. Use pills. There are breast enlargement pills that are in the form of herbal supplements, so they are still considered a natural way to enhance your breasts. If you are considering such pills, look for supplements that come with herbs that contain estrogen-like properties. It is no secret that estrogen can cause fluid retention, giving a fuller effect on the breasts. Fennel seeds are a great example and have been around for centuries in increasing breast milk, improving menstrual flow, and enhancing libido.


3. Eat more onions. Onions are believed to have properties that can aid in enlarging breasts. Apply fresh onion juice with powdered turmeric and honey to your breasts. This concoction is said to prevent breasts from sagging and can also help firm them if they are already dropping. After massaging the twins with this mixture, you should wear a bra the whole day and even while you sleep before you take a bath the next day.

4. Do exercises that focus on your chest muscles. You can enhance pectoral (chest) muscles by performing exercises such as dumbbell flyes, declined pushups, and modified pushups.

5. Massage your breasts. Lomi and Ayurvedic treatments make use of breast massage as part of lymphatic drainage massage. There are some massage parlors that provide this service – with your consent of course

6. Gain some weight. If you are very skinny, you could appear flat, so one of the ways to enhance your breast size is to gain some pounds. Unfortunately, other parts of the body like your stomach and thighs will grow as well. If you do not mind, you should increase your calorie intake and eat fatty foods, such as cheese.

With these solutions, women can try to increase their breast size without going under the knife.