Herbs and spices, whether fresh or dried, have wonderful benefits – not just for your cooking. While their benefits have been well-known in the medieval and traditional medicine, it is only recent that scientists are studying the positive effects of herbs and spices to the human body.

If you’re trying to prevent heart diseases or simply preparing a meal that is heart-friendly, here are the herbs and spices that you should add to your dishes from now on:

1. Garlic: Whether raw or ground, no one can deny the healing powers of garlic. If you buy garlic powder though, make sure it is pure with no other ingredients added to it, especially salt. This spice has antioxidants and is used in thinning blood, making it an effective remedy for those with high cholesterol.

2. Cinnamon: Although this is used to add flavor to coffee and pies, cinnamon is actually quite useful in the kitchen. Add this to your dishes to help lower your blood sugar levels, while improving your insulin sensitivity. Cinnamon also has antioxidants that help remove toxins in the body.

3. Onion: Lower your blood pressure by adding onions to your meals. Aside from that, onions can reduce the unhealthy fats found in your blood. Onions also prevent blood clotting and can also lower your blood sugar, which is why it is popular to diabetic patients as well as those with heart diseases.

Love your heart by eating these herbs and spices / PicHelp
Love your heart by eating these herbs and spices / PicHelp

4. Ginger: Ginger also acts like garlic, which can help thin the blood. In most places, ginger is used to help digestion and other tummy problems. It can also treat nausea for patients who take morphine or codeine. When it comes to aiding the heart, it is considered an anti-inflammatory spice and can help relax the blood vessels.

5. Turmeric: A distant cousin of ginger, turmeric is very popular because of its health benefits that it owes from curcumin. This spice is used for curry powder, giving it its distinctive color. Meanwhile, curcumin is a compound that has several healing powers. Some researchers believe that it can cure arthritis and even prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Turmeric is a heart-friendly spice that can prevent blood clotting and lower blood pressure. It can also raise good cholesterol levels by up to 30%.

These five spices should be included in your meals if you want to aid your heart to become healthier. Although some of the claims come from ancient beliefs, even science cannot deny the healing potential of these herbs and spices.