If you’re trying to get fit, you probably heard about Tabata. This workout is a favorite of those who like high intensity interval training (HIIT). HIITs allow you to save time, while burning tons of calories during the workout session. Named after a researcher Izumi Tabata, this is one of the best workouts today in terms of burning calories, in which it can burn up to 15 calories in just a minute.

How to Perform a Tabata Workout

Tabata is so efficient that it would take five times more cardio exercise just to burn the same amount of calories that you can with a four-minute Tabata session. Tabata exercises are done for 20 seconds and then you repeat the steps for one minute each. You can then move on to another Tabata exercise after you complete the one-minute workout. Rest for one whole minute every time you finish a round of exercise.

Tabata-Inspired Workouts

Do the following steps for this workout. Make sure that you have a timer, so you can time the intervals as they begin and end:

Fat-Burning Workout Inspired by Tabata Workouts -1

High-knee run: Without moving, run with your knees reaching up to the same height as your waist. You can also reach higher to gain better results. This is actually a warm-up, but make sure that you run as intensely as you can. Do this for 20 seconds then rest for about 10 seconds until you proceed to the next step.

Fat-Burning Workout Inspired by Tabata Workouts -2

Squat Jumps: Lower yourself to the ground until you achieve a squat position. Your elbows should touch your knees, while you push back your hips. Then, make a quick jump to straighten your body while you raise your arms straight up. As your feet hit the ground, get back to your original squat position. Repeat this exercise for 20 seconds with 10 seconds of rest.

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Speed Skater: Stand straight with your feet close side by side and your arms straight on your sides. Now, with your left foot, take a wide step to the side as you lower yourself into a squat position. Your right knee should bend behind your body as your arms swing to the right. Jump out to the opposite side with your arms swinging from left to right. Your right leg should land on the floor gently, while your left leg is at the back of the right crossed back. Repeat this as quickly as you can for 20 seconds with a 10-second rest.

Tabata is a short workout, but it can beat the other workouts with its efficiency in burning calories. It’s a real return on investment where you can see great results out of your efforts.