Everyone has a mole, which can look and feel different. It can be rough or smooth, flat or a bit elevated from the skin, and it can have hair or none at all. Genetics can play a role on how your moles look like and how many they appear on your skin. Sun exposure and your hormones also determine your mole’s look and texture. Most of the time, these moles are no threat to your health, but they can be an annoyance that you may want to get rid of.

Instead of turning to surgical procedures to remove unwanted moles, there are natural ways to eliminate them. Here are your top choices in natural mole removal:

Apple Cider Vinegar

This acidic remedy can remove moles effectively:

1. Dip a ball of cotton in the vinegar and place it on your mole.

2. Leave the cotton overnight. Use a bandage or anything that would secure the mole remover in place.

This remedy should be performed daily for 10 days or you can stop once the mole has fallen off.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is quite effective, not only in removing moles, but also warts and skin tags. Do the following steps twice a day for one whole month:

1. Add baking soda to two to three drops of castor oil. Optionally, you can add ground aspirin.

2. Rub the solution to your mole.

3. Don’t remove the oil; wait for it to dry naturally.


Garlic has enzymes that can split groups of cells that produce pigments in the body. This spice also has the ability to reduce darkness of skin pigmentation. To use garlic as a mole remover, do the following:

1. Crush one clove of garlic.

2. Place the crushed garlic directly onto the mole.

3. Leave it there for at least four hours or overnight if you wish. Use a bandage to prevent the garlic from falling off of your skin.

Do this for about five days and you will see that the mole is gone.

Pineapple Juice

Pineapple juice from the fruit itself can lighten mole pigmentation. Follow the steps below to make your moles less noticeable within just a few weeks:

1. Dip a ball of cotton in the juice and place it on your unwanted mole.

2. Leave the juice until the morning or you can wait for it to dry naturally.

3. Repeat the process at least three times a day for two weeks or more until you are satisfied with the results.

If you have unsightly moles, you can choose from the remedies above to get rid of them. However, make sure that the mole you have is not cancerous. Cancerous moles should never be treated at home.