Despite its name, the star fruit, also called carambola, does not have the same fame as the others. That is why we are turning the spotlight on it. The tart fruit that is mostly grown in Southeast Asia especially Malaysia does not only add flavor to dishes like soups but also improves a person’s health and wellness with its many benefits.

A star fruit is . . .

Rich in fiber

Contrary to popular belief, fiber is neither a vitamin nor a mineral. In fact, it is not a nutrient. However, it is incredibly important since it primarily acts as your body’s sweeper, helping wastes move out of the bowel. Moreover, it regulates the way the body absorbs insulin, preventing sugar spikes and crashes that can make you feel lethargic, hungry, moody, and dizzy.

Low in calories

Most of the fruits are low in calories, but star fruit beats the others by containing roughly 30 calories for every 100 grams. This means this fruit can satiate your hunger without any guilt, more so that this is rich in fiber. If you are looking for an awesome snack to tide you over lunch or dinner, this is a good option.

Let's out the spotlight on the star fruit shall we / PicHelp
Let’s out the spotlight on the star fruit shall we / PicHelp

Enriched with vitamin C

Carambola or star fruit contains a lot of vitamin C that you can already meet more than half your daily recommended allowance by simply eating 100 grams. Vitamin C is incredibly important since:

• It helps fight the build-up of free radical that leads to serious illnesses and signs of aging

• It helps build or produce collagen. If you are wondering how different parts of the body are being held, then you have collagen to thank for. It is also responsible for keeping your skin supple.

• It fights off infectious agents such as viruses and bacteria.

• It prevents the risk of scurvy.

Your natural medicine against hangover

While drinking is one of the cool ways to have fun and socialize, dealing with hangover the day after is not pleasant. But based on certain studies, a star fruit can be your natural hangover drug, and preparing it is incredibly easy. Just steam and eat!