It may be colorful, but it’s not cool!

Artificial food dyes have been around for decades, but over the past 60 years, their production has greatly increased. While they can make some foods attractive and pleasing to the eyes, it is not the kind of color you want to be near with.

But what’s really wrong with food dyes? The biggest problem with them is when it comes to children as dyes are often linked to behavioral problems including hyperactivity.

If you have kids, you should make sure you limit the amount of food coloring they consume. There are some foods that contain artificial dyes, including the following that are actually quite surprising:

1.) Smoked Salmon

Be careful of the brands of smoked salmon you buy as they may contain a combination of blue 1, yellow 5 and 6, and red 40 in the fillets to give the fish that bright pink color.

2.) Applesauce

Even those that are labeled as natural blends contain food coloring, including red 40, blue 1 and 2, and yellow 5 and 6. Beware of applesauce products that especially have other flavors, such as peaches and strawberries.

3.) Cereals

You probably already know those cereals with marshmallows and colorful ones have artificial coloring. But even “healthy” cereals have these additives. Whole grain varieties even have blue 2 and 40 dyes, especially when they are the fruity kind.

4.) Yogurt

Almost every flavored food has dyes, including those that are supposed to be healthy. Yogurt is one of those that have food coloring ranging from yellow 6 to blue 2 to red 40, instead of using real fruit coloring.

5.) Hot Sauce

Hot sauces that have bright red coloring do not really come from tomatoes. Some of them use red 40 in combination with yellow 6. Even salsas use these artificial dyes.

artificial-dye-food-poisonWhy You Should Be Worried

The widespread use of artificial coloring even in healthy foods, such as whole grain cereals, salmon, and yogurt as well as salad dressing and pickles is a legitimate concern. These dyes are linked to some serious health problems:

  • Red 40: This is the most common food dye used in many parts of the United States and is said to cause allergic reactions and hyperactivity in children.
  • Yellow 5: This coloring can also cause hypersensitivity, especially to people who are sensitive to aspirin. Aside from hyperactivity in kids, yellow 5 is said to be contaminated with 4-aminobiphenyl and benzidine, which are dangerous chemicals that can cause cancer.
  • Yellow 6: Meanwhile, this food dye is said to cause tumors in the kidneys and adrenal glands of animals.

Before you buy something in your grocery list, inspect the labels. Anything with colors added or artificial colors should not be in your cart.