A 31-year old woman from Monaco was rushed to the hospital quite recently because she had dizzy spells and started fainting. She also suffered from heart arrhythmia, a condition where the heartbeat is irregular. The doctors examined her and also found out that she had very low potassium levels, which can be fatal in some cases.

What Happened to Her?

With no family history of heart attacks or any cardiovascular disease, further investigation was conducted. It was revealed that the woman had not sipped water for more than a decade – 16 years to be exact. Instead of drinking the beverage that is recommended for the body, she chose soda. According to the woman, she drank at least two liters of coke every single day.

Many compared what happened to the 31-year old woman to the movie, Super Size Me, which was about a man who consumed McDonald’s food for a full month. Just like in the movie, the effects are devastating to the lady who only drank soda. Unfortunately for her, this is not a movie and she has to face the consequences of her actions.

Dangerous Effects of Drinking Cola Every Day

The woman experienced the following negative effects after avoiding water for 16 years:

Unsafe Potassium Levels: According to the doctors, she only had 2.4 mmol/L of potassium in her blood, which is dangerously low for a woman her age.

Fainting: The woman also suffered from severe dizzy and fainting spells.

Arrhythmia: When her heartbeat was examined, it was learned that she had a lengthened interval of Q and T waves, which denote severe heart arrhythmia. Thankfully, she was sent to the hospital before her arrhythmia could claim her life. Her QT interval was around 610 milliseconds, while the normal QT interval should not go over 450 milliseconds.

There's a woman who drank nothing but cola in 16 years, but she's not the girl in picture / PicHelp
There’s a woman who drank nothing but cola in 16 years, but she’s not the girl in picture / PicHelp

The woman did not reveal the brand of cola she drank or what kind (diet or normal). But this does not matter because it was discovered that abstinence from soda made her feel better. In fact, as soon as the doctors banned coke from her life, her health improved within just a week. Her potassium levels increased and her heart’s electrical activity became normal again.

It is amazing that the body is able to bounce back from the damage it had to endure for more than a decade. For those who are avid cola drinkers, it is time to understand the connection between soda consumption and health risks that include heart diseases.