Running is an effective way to burn fat. However, if you have been eating right and doing exercises, such as running and yet you are still not losing fat, you are most probably doing it wrong.

Of course we are figuratively speaking, but as you are about to find out you can apply certain techniques and run as if you’re just leaving behind those unwanted body fats.

Running Fitness

To make things right, here are the best ways to burn fat the next time you run:

• Intensify Your Workout

Instead of going for the same pace whenever you run, you should alternate the time for intensifying the workout and the period for resting. Doing so is quite effective since this promotes faster metabolism and has been proven to reduce fat in the midsection.

• Work Out Longer than Usual

It is a no-brainer that working out for longer periods of time will help you burn more calories. This also applies with running. If you run for more than your usual amount of time, your body will use more fat to fuel it up. It is recommended that you go for a 90-minute run at the very least. For every five-minute run that you do at a pace of 10-minute per mile, you already burn 45 calories.

• Run with High Knees

You can start running with high knees, which is actually a cardio workout that can also strengthen your core. The best thing to do here is to do one minute intervals of the mentioned exercise and make sure that you give focus on your abs, not your leg muscles. Do this while you keep your knees as high as possible.

• Run Up the Hill

Many people run on a flat ground. If you want to burn more calories, it is better if you can hit the hills. Every degree of incline leads to about 10% increase in the total number of calories your body burns. Start running at a high intensity for at least 10 seconds, and then jog back down. After that, take a 30 to second rest. You can do this for at least four times for best results.

Running, whether on flat ground, up the hills, or on a treadmill, can truly boost your metabolism and help you lose belly fat. Remember that frequency also affects how much weight you lose. Many runners choose to run every two to four days per week, but this is not enough if you want to shed the pounds fast. Increase your running days as well as the pace to become a better, healthier, and sexier runner.