When everyone around you gets sick, you eventually get sick too a few days later. This may be due to a weak immune system. However, you may find that there are people who always seem healthy despite the many sick individuals around them. You may have heard about several ways to avoid illness, but perhaps these six are new to you:

1. Think Positive. If you constantly think you will get sick, you eventually will. Sometimes, it is mind over matter – whether you believe in this or not. When you think positive, you will find that there are actually some health benefits hidden in being optimistic.

2. Shower with Cold Water. It may not always be pleasant for you, but taking cold showers can improve your circulation. Cold water boosts blood rush to various organs in the body, therefore resulting to better circulation. When this happens, arteries will be more functional and you do not have to worry about hypertension and even varicose veins.

Thinking Man
Keep your common sense in, it will make you healthier / PicHelp


3. Eat Something Dirty. You probably know about the five or ten second rule where you eat something that hit the floor as long as it has only been five or ten seconds. There is also this so-called Hygiene Hypothesis that suggests people become really sick because of the high standard of cleanliness. When you are exposed to infectious agents when you were a child, your immune system will be much stronger. This is why there are some people who eat dirt from their gardens or consume vegetables or fruits without washing them first.

4. Eat Garlic. Garlic is not really nice, particularly its smell. However, eating the stinky garlic can actually be beneficial for your health. Mince or crush it and then eat the raw garlic 15 minutes later. Garlic is already known to protect people against some cancers, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and even lower blood clotting.

5. Sanitize with Hydrogen Peroxide. This sanitizer is considered very safe as it can be used as mouthwash and even for house chores, such as washing clothes and cleaning the dishwasher.

6. Listen to Jazz Music. Jazz fans are in luck as research has shown that listening to this type of music for at least 30 minutes can boost immunoglobulin A (IgA) levels. Immunoglobulin is an immune protein that helps defend the body against particular infections.

If you suspect that you will soon get sick or you will suffer from a cold, you can try the methods listed above. Although some may not have enough scientific evidence, there is no harm in trying as they are mostly safe.