Having a flat belly is one of the most elusive dreams of adults. There are a few reasons why your middle section is not attractive, including being middle aged, having been pregnant, indulging in too much food, drinking a lot of beers, and also genetics. Thankfully, there are methods that you can try to banish the stubborn belly fat.

You may eat healthy and you regularly hit the gym, but you still find that unappealing pooch around your tummy. For a flatter tummy, here are some things to practice:


Strength training and cardio are two of the most common exercises that you can do to get rid of belly fat. If you do these exercises and you are still not achieving the body you desire, you may want to switch into full-body exercises, instead of just doing some basic crunches. Try planking, ball-using moves that target core, and balance on one leg on a Both Sides Up (BOSU), which can actually improve core strength as well.

As for doing cardio, you may want to include interval training into your sessions. The routines here can reduce your stomach fat. Some gym-goers actually stick to a certain pace. While being consistent whenever you run, ride a bike, or go swimming can be helpful, your body can easily become attuned to the pace, causing it to have a lackluster response. To encourage your body to respond better, mix your routine with a 10 to 60 second exercise that is fast paced. For instance, you can try sprinting or doing a treadmill workout.

Love handles aren't for everyone. Follow the tips here if you want to get rid of those belly fats.
Love handles aren’t for everyone. Follow the tips here if you want to get rid of those belly fats.

Doing some high intensity interval training also works. What you do here is that you maximize the amount of time you spend on training and you rest for only a short period of time. As you can see, mixing things up a little bit can help you, not only lose weight, but also remove persistent stomach flab.


It does not matter if you eat healthy because you may have dieting issues that hinder the weight loss. Observe both your eating habits and your bathroom schedule. There are times when stomach flab is not really because of fat, but by air stuck in your digestive system. This typically means that you are not eating foods that are rich in fiber. Remember that you need 25 to 30 grams of fiber every day or else this will lead to bloating.

Note also that having too much fiber can cause your belly to bloat as well. Instead of eating broccoli, beans, and apples, go for blueberries, which can help reduce belly fat.