Most people don’t think a lot about lemons; they just add these citrus fruits to their water or squeeze them whenever they eat fish. If you’re among those who never ventured further than these ways to use lemons, you are missing out. You can actually improve your health with lemons and even use them for other purposes:

1. Electrolyte-Rich Drink

There are a lot of electrolytes present in lemons, including magnesium, sodium, calcium, and potassium. The richness of electrolytes in the fruit makes it a good replacement for sports drinks that are high in sugars. Plus, adding lemons to your water can help you save a lot of money. You can also add some tart cherries and honey in your drink to add more electrolytes and carbohydrates for boosted muscle recovery.

2. Immunity Booster

If you feel that you’re going to have a cold, start consuming more lemons. Just one lemon can already give you 51% of vitamin C RDA. Not only that, lemons also contain various minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, manganese, copper, phosphorus, and iron. All these help boost your immune system naturally.

One lemon can already give you 51% of vitamin C RDA / PicHelp

3. Hair Lightener

You don’t have to buy hair coloring products that will not only cause hair dryness, but also brittleness if you keep using them. Instead use lemons to lighten your hair. Cut one lemon and squeeze half of it to your hair. Dry your hair by exposing it into the sun.

4. Odor Eliminator

Use lemon rinds to get rid of odor from your garbage can. Just throw them in the bin and this will help neutralize the unpleasant smell. You can do this trick anywhere in your house.

5. Clothes Whitener

Lemons aren’t only useful for hair lightening, but also for your white clothes. You don’t have to use bleach anymore; instead, use about three teaspoons of lemon juice for your clothes.

6. Multipurpose Cleaner

Use a cup of water mixed with a quarter of juice from a lemon to loosen grease or grime on your microwave. You can also use half a lemon for cleaning your cutting board or the other half on stainless steel to get rid of limescale and grime. You can use lemons and lemon juice practically anywhere, except on marble surfaces.

Lemons are available all year round and they are definitely less costly than other things you can use in their place. You can even have some lemons beside your bed for various purposes, including freshening up the air and to relieve stress.